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Are you still using the latest in Multi-purpose flooring?

Taraflex is established as the standard for multi-purpose gymnasiums with over 900 successful installations in this territory alone- Schools, Church Multi-purpose spaces, Community Centers, Indoor tracks, Aerobics/Fitness rooms agree that the combination of great looks, high quality play, and easy care make Taraflex flooring the top choice for these spaces.  

Over 60 years experience in making sports flooring allows Taraflex some key competitive advantages vs. the competition in this important flooring category.

Taraflex has several clear competitive advantages

HD Film (like HDTV) is used to create the highest image- allows it to look and play like regular wood sports flooring

Pure wear layer provides tremendous durability and allows us to offer a 15 year limited wear warranty- (best in the business)

Protecsol process bakes in polyurethane (wax) and is then uv cured to provide a true advantage- NO WAX FOR LIFE! making Taraflex the lowest total cost for sports flooring

Dual durameter closed cell foam provides great playability & high shock absorption (reducing stress) yet handles multipurpose events easiliy- tables & chairs are no problem

Quality references- provide you to see Taraflex at work in similar installations to your project- take the photo tour to see hundreds of our existing installations...

Cost:  These two qualities represent many solutions!
Recreation 60- installed budget is $7.25- $9.00 per square foot
Sport m Plus- installed budget is $9.50- $11.00 per square foot

Sport m Plus dry-tex- installed budget is $10.50- $11.50 sq. foot.
This budget price includes installation to manufacturer's specification plus painted game lines for basketball and volleyball  

Pure vinyl wear layer over HD film (wood grains) with middle layer of fiberglas to provide dimension stability with highest quality closed cell foam- the only difference in the two qualities is the thickness of the foam- wearlayers are the same

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